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Art Talks: Jussi Koitela

Published: 26-02-2015

Art Talks: Jussi Koitela

Day: Monday, March 9th

Time: 18:00

Venue: Warehouse B1-Port


Recently, Keynesian tradition and political economy has offered one of the most relevant counter forces against neoliberal financial economy—reminding of a world where different areas of politics and disciplines must have a non-hierarchical position in relation to one another. Can artistic and curatorial practices understood as post humanistic hybrids go beyond politicized economy through re-imagining autonomy and instrumentalization? What could be the future artistic agency rethinking and repracting economic subjects and objects. Jussi Koitela will focus on his curatorial project “Skills of Economy” and recent exhibition “Post Models: Ore.e Refineries” at SIC Space realized within it.

“Skills of Economy” is a curatorial concept dealing with contemporary artists’ actions towards the current economic situations and rhetorics. Economic rhetoric occupies media space in our Western world; it has become an important means to describe the world and its progress. “Skills of Economy” researches and archives contemporary artistic reactions in our societal situation.


Jussi Koitela (b.1981) is a curator / visual artist based in Helsinki, Finland. As a curator, he is currently focused on artists’ reactions to economic discourses and realities. Recent selected curatorial work: “To Use As a Capital” at One Night Only Gallery / Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo; “Skills of Economy” – “Post Models: Ore.e Refineries” exhibition at SIC Space, Helsinki; “Dissolving Frontiers” at Hiap / Gallery Augusta, Helsinki, “Floating Ghost” project at Manifesta 10 On Board and What is Monumental Today? Seminar at Smolny Institute, St.Petersburg. Currently Koitela is editing Finnish Art Policy Handbook published by Baltic Circle festival and Checkpoint Helsinki.







Skills of Economy - Post Models: Ore.e Refineries, SIC space, Installation view