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MOMus, the Metropolitan Organisation of Museums of Visual Arts of Thessaloniki is officially launched!

The State Museum of Contemporary Art, the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki and the Museum Alex Mylona are joining their forces, comprising the biggest organisation for visual arts in Greece! A new artistic programme of exhibitions and projects based on modern and contemporary art, photography, experimental arts and sculpture will be put in action soon.

Stay tuned!

Opening days & hours & ExhibitionsQ: Tue-Wed-Fri-Sat-Sun 10:00-18:00, Thu 10:00-22:00, Mon closed

The exhibitions in MOMus- Experimental Center for the Arts are temporary; 
Plan your visit by browsing our current exhibitions or by contacting us (tel. +30 2310593270, info@greekstatemuseum.com).

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