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Published: 10-09-2012

With guided tours by the curators of the CACT, documentary screenings and an interesting program of performances in the city of Thessaloniki continues the exhibition "It's the Political Economy, Stupid", until September 30, 2012, at the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki - State Museum of Contemporary Art, Warehouse B1 in the port of Thessaloniki (Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10.00-18.00, Sunday 11:00-15:00)).

Guided tours

The guided tours will take place on Saturday 15 and 29 September at 12: 00 from the coordinators of the exhibition and curators of CACT, Areti Leopoulou and Theodore Markoglou, while the participation of the public is open, just with the entrance ticket.

Performances & screenings

On September 14, 20, 21 & 22, performances will take place in the city, curated by Aggeliki Avgitidou, with the title “Performance now v.3: Practices of engagement", and in response to the exhibition and its concept.. Along with the exhibition continues the screening of the documentary “Thinking  in the Age of Monsters”, produced and directed by George Keramidiotis.

The series “Performance now” is an attempt to create a flexible tool for reflecting on, educating and promoting performance art in Greece. The previous volumes have included a two-day conference and two workshops. “Performance now v.3: Practices of engagement” is comprised of performances and actions which, having a common ground of sociopolitical questioning, attempt to implicate the public, either with practices of exchange or by carrying out their actions within the everyday life of the city.

Participating artists: Action Group IN FLO, Foteini Kalle, Alexandros Plomaritis, Yannis Stamenitis, Nikiforos Errantes, Angeliki Avgitidou.

Curator: Angeliki Avgitidou


Performances program


Friday, September 14, 18:00

Nikiforos Errantes

ODES TO THE ELEMENTARY/TRANSLATING (to get done once and for all with the doom of the future).

Venue: Walk from the French Institute to the harbour, from 18.00h until dawn.

It's the future perfect, stupid! Between promise and warning:




How to make ours what we already have? (even second hand)

How to make a stroll in the present?


Thursday, September 20, 9.00-17.00

Angeliki Avgitidou

Back to Basics/inserting,

Venue: EURO1 shop, 100 Tsimiski str.

Between the products of a “1 Εuro” shop I am inserting the “Manifestos for artists in crisis”, as objects outside the pricing/market system, so as to be discovered by the passers by and customers.  [Http://www.arealartist.com].


Friday, September 21, 19.00

Alexandros Plomaritis & Yannis Stamenitis

Dream Baby Dream

Venue: Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki, port

A political performance that portrays the hypocrisy that prevails in many European countries. Through symbolism and the use of their own bodies, the artists will deal with issues that concern the current socio-political and also humanitarian crises that the country faces over the last years.


Saturday, September 22, 21.00

Foteini Kalle

Ataxia act #1, with the participation of Eleni Economou

Venue: Bar Restaurant .es, 2-4 Fragon str.

The performance is trying to reveal the paradox of power and control over others as it appears in all kinds of relationships: personal, social and financial relationships, relationships which are characterized as egalitarian and democratic.