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Video Art Festival Miden_Animacall, the animation project 2011

Published: 04-07-2012

“Animacall, the animation project 2011”

Historic Centre of Kalamata, Video Art Festival Miden “And back to zero”

5- 7 July 2012

The “Animacall, the animation project 2011”, a project that was first produced and presented by the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki, will be now presented during the Video Art Festival Miden (Archaeological Museum of Messenia, July 5-7 2012). This year’s 8th version of Video Art Festival Miden runs under the general title “And back to zero” and it is taking place at the historic centre of Kalamata, hosting 216 artworks from 46 countries. One can find the full programme on the festival’s website www.festivalmiden.gr.

“Animacall, the animation project 2011” | 5-7/7
Main program. Projection of 80 animation videos in alphabetical order (duration 4 hours appr.).
“Animacall, the animation project 2011” is a production of the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki (part of the State Museum of Contemporary Art) and it was first presented in 2011 (March 30-June 5).
The main program came out of a worldwide open call to Greek and foreign animators in the framework of the tribute to the art of animation run by the CACT.

Curators: Syrago Tsiara, CACT director / Domna Gounari, CACT curator.