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Published: 28-07-2016

The 7Ply project Festival returns this October. The annual international celebration of skateboarding, street culture returns in Thessaloniki from 7 until 15 of October 2016.

The skateboard art exhibition will be hosted at the Warehouse B1 at the port of Thessaloniki in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki, a branch of the State Museum of Contemporary Art, at the Warehouse B1, at the port of Thessaloniki.

The name of the festival comes from the most popular method of skateboard manufacturing, known as 7ply construction, where 7 plies of wood are joined inside a specially designed mold that together with the right glue gives us the final curved object, the skateboard deck!

The 7Ply project is a meeting platform for exchange of ideas, the only rule is the freedom of expression with up to date means and it is aimed to youth and everyone that stays young and a visionary!

The group exhibition is hosted for the eleventh time and this is the heart of the festival.

The artists are invited to transform the object, each one through his own eye, art or technique and create their piece with absolute thematic freedom, a new art object, a subject that is defined only by the rules of the artist.

Each piece is unique and through the ten years of the 7Ply project more than 1000 pieces from local and foreign artist have been hosted in the festival! The skateboard decks receive a character and all of them gathered under the roof of the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki create a strong and unique core of energy deriving from the urban environment and life, influenced by nature and the primary material that the skateboard is made of, transmitting the ideals of team spirit, innovation and freshness!

We are inviting all artists that are interested in participating to contact us for the required entry applications (see attached pdf file below). The call for artists and submissions end on Monday August 22.

More info about the 7Ply project and the schedule of the whole festival will be announced soon.

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