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Dates happen: 08/07/2016 ... 01/10/2016

8/07 - 01/10/2016 :: Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki

Who is behind the cover of Dionysis Savvopoulos’ LP “The Garden of the Fool”, the poster of the famous discotheque HELP, or the Medusa Music Hall; who is behind the visual identity of the Vosinakis’ bread-for-toast design, the bags of historical city bookstores, like Molho and Malliaris or the signs of the famous Thessaloniki café-bars, like “On the Road” and “Café Nikis 35”?

One creator.
 A designer -as Stergios Delialis has identified himself for 55 years. Designs, sketches, constructed spaces and of course a Design Museum; all of them are Stergios Delialis’ creations and will be hosted at the Contemporary Art Centre of Thessaloniki - State Museum of Contemporary Art from July 8th to October 1st, 2016

(Opening on Friday, July 8th, 20:30. Exhibition is open: Tuesday - Saturday 10:00-18:00 / Info: the CACT will be closed between August 7-15).
The Warehouse B1 greets the man who redesigned it in 1997, with an exhibition presenting all his life’s work and oeuvre, a production/organization of the 6th International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication that takes place in Thessaloniki, July 5-9 (http: / /www.ictvc.org/2016/).
The warehouse’s corridor (the perimeter of the venue) becomes the author's studio itself, with special construction panels on the walls, just as they are in his studio and on which one sees graphic design commissions and creations by Stergios Delialis; they are separated by decade, beginning in 1950. Drawings, drafts and sketches, corporate identities, monographs, projects, all carefully referring to the conditions and the way he works and perceives design, in all its manifestations and forms.
Inside the venue’s white cube is presented material from the Design Museum itself, a Stergios Delialis’ life's work. The Design Museum is presented throughout its history, its visual identity and its communication material from 1993 until today, accompanied by documentation of all its projects and activity during the last 23 years, like posters, leaflets, brochures and original designs-donations by famous international designers, among others.

Curators: Stergios Delialis - Kostas Kalogirou
Research material: George Nastas
Technical Support Manager: Nikos Karatzolis
Production Group: Aigli Antonopoulou, Betty Avgerinou, Lenio Grohmann, Angeliki Dimaki, Aliki Kalogirou, Maria Kriaras, Giouli Petridou, Katerina Deliali, Mariana Deliali, Anna Kiriakidou, Elli Christakis, Antigone Christakis, Sakis Delialis

OPEN: Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 - 18:00
**** The CACT will be closed between 7-15 of August