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Images of Our Other Self

Dates happen: 12/03/2016 ... 26/03/2016

March 12- 26 2016

Inauguration: Saturday March 12, 12:00

Center of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki (Warehouse B1, Thessaloniki Port)

Back in October 2013, “shedia” street paper vendors were handed a camera. All of them have experienced homelessness and social exclusion at its most extreme as a direct result of the current social and economic crisis: Some are currently homeless; others have experienced homelessness in the recent past, while some others may be living in insecure housing conditions, well under the poverty line.

Their mission was to capture city life from their own very unique perspective; to record without restraints the things that catch their eye, city moments, people and places that may bring a smile to their face or fi ll them with anger, sadness or hope. The main objective of the initiative was to energize people who are experiencing social exclusion through the art of photography, to provide them with new incentives, to encourage them to develop new communication skills connecting them with the rest of the world, to make them feel part of a collective eff ort.

The material collected constitutes a unique social narrative: a narrative of a country deep in socio-economic crisis, of people who are suff ering, but also of people determined not to let go, ordinary citizens who keep on hoping, dreaming and fi ghting for a better world.

Organized byThessaloniki Documentary Festival, “shedia” Street Paper, Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki

Entrance: free

Curator/Production:“shedia” Street Paper