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20/3/2010 Seminar: The contribution of public sculpture and architecture in the urban redevelopment.

Dates happen: 20/03/2010 ... 20/03/2010

Saturday, March the 20th 2010
Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki
Warehouse B1, Port area


The contribution of public sculpture and architecture in the urban redevelopment.
Greek and international experience.


The Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki has already inaugurated a tribute to modern female artists for 2010 presenting the retrospective exhibition entitled Athena Tacha. From the public to the Private (16 January of - 11 April 2010) curated by Katerina Koskina and Syrago Tsiara. More than 100 works of Athena Tacha are presented in the exhibition, documenting for the first time in Greece her incredibly important work in landscape architecture and conceptual art. A work in respect to more than 45 cases of architectural-sculptural landscaping of public places (squares, open recreation areas, fountains, and many-faceted figures in functional public places), performed in many US states –like Florida, Ohio, Arizona, Alaska, Philadelphia and New York- from the early 1970s until now.

Within the framework of the exhibition, the Contemporary Art Center organizes seminar entitled "The contribution of public sculpture and architecture in urban edevelopment. Greek and international experience”, inviting architects, landscape sculptors and theorists. In this, open to the public discussion, specific examples of modern urban redevelpment projects in Greece and abroad, realised or not, will be analysed.

The aim of the seminar is to identify the terms and conditions of the organic involvement of artists and architects in the design of urban environment and the functional value of contemporary art. Parameters like management policies, rehabilitation, recovery and degradation of public space through art will be under discussion.

This is the third open debate organised by the CACT in recent years focusing on policies related to the public space, collective art projects, ephemeral and permanent interventions, institutional and alternative contemporary art spaces, issues of high priority and exhibition planning.