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Athena Tacha: from the Public to the Private

Dates happen: 16/01/2010 ... 11/04/2010
Contemporary Art Center of  Thessaloniki

A tribute to female artists –active now and in the past both in Greece and abroad– is planned for 2010 by the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki. More specifically, CACT welcomes the New Year with a retrospective exhibition of Athena Tacha –a distinguished Greek artist of the diaspora, maybe barely known to the Greek public– entitled “Athena Tacha: from the Public to the Private".

It is a retrospective exhibition curated by Katerina Koskina and Syrago Tsiara, co-produced with The J.F. Costopoulos Foundation and the Municipal Art Gallery of Larisa – G.I. Katsigras Museum.
More than 100 works of Athena Tacha will be presented in the exhibition, documenting for the first time in Greece her incredibly important work in landscape architecture and conceptual art. A work in respect to more than 45 cases of architectural-sculptural landscaping of public places (squares, open recreation areas, fountains, and many-faceted figures in functional public places), performed in many US states –like Florida, Ohio, Arizona, Alaska, Philadelphia and New York- from the early 1970s until now.
The exhibition presents selected public –environmental sculptures in large photographic reproductions, just like the early conceptual works on the human body and the more recent ones, on the elements of nature. The exhibition also includes photographic reproductions of her “wearable sculptures”, authentic sculptures, large sculpture-architectural interventions designs, photographs of temporary installations, models of realized works, recent movies for the political and social web as well as an original, in situ, temporary installation, titled: Athena’s Web which bear witness to the 40-year journey of Athena Tacha in the private and public sphere.