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I create therefore I am

Dates happen: 19/12/2008 ... 22/02/2009
I create, therefore I am
75 snapshots of contemporary Greek art

Where are all the artists who have not shown their work in solo exhibitions at museums or art galleries over the last three years, and what are they doing? The Contemporary Art Centre of Thessaloniki is giving them the opportunity to show their work outside their studios and to communicate their work to the public through the exhibition titled “I create, therefore I am”, which will be opened in two phases (19 December 2008 and 23 January 2009) in the exhibition halls of the CACT in Warehouse B1 at the Port of Thessaloniki.
This effort – whose first step involved an open invitation to artists from last May to September – is being made in parallel with Visual Arts in Greece, an annual event held by the SMCA and the CACT.
At this stage it appears that another need has arisen from the artistic environment itself: this is none other than the need to find a way and methodology to approach non-recorded artistic activity, all that activity which exists but usually remains unseen.
The response to the open invitation extended by the CACT was impressive and beyond all expectations, since approximately 600 artists sent in application dossiers. Of these applicants, the committee of curators selected 75 Greek visual artists of all ages, regardless of their qualifications or art degrees (even those who are self-taught), who reside in Greece or abroad and have not shown their work in a gallery or museum over the last 3 years.
The 110 works by these artists will be presented in two phases. The opening of the first and second phase will take place on 19 December and 23 January respectively. The selected works cover all means and techniques of expression – painting, sculpting, collage, photography, video, installations and performances.
With respect to the fact that all these hundreds of artists had sent in dossiers with their work to the museum, it was considered appropriate and highly essential – during the exhibition at the CACT – to screen a selection of works by all the artists who had sent in an application dossier, but are not participating in the exhibition.

Participating artists A' part
Athanasiadou A.
Andreadi S.
Valakou A.
Volanakis A.
Arapaki C.
Apostolidou M.
Vikentiou A.
Georgopoulou E.
Yiatsos C.
Georgas V.
Gkagkaki K.
Goutos Κ.
Dalezios F.
Kazakou L.
Efstratopoulos N.
Kaloyiannis P.
Ermidou E.
Kali I.
Karasavvidou S.
Kastori K.
Kasapis E.
Koukkou P.
Koumianaki C.
Koutsi K.
Kolokotroni F.
Klavdianou C.
Kotsoni E.
Blackheart F.
Kyriakopoulos M.
Kostaropoulou A.
Manolakou K.-C.
Matzourani-Koutsoukeli E.
Mavroyiannidis D.
Migkos A.
Bazara E.
Bogri E.
Bisylla N.
Belibasakis I.
Nikolaidis A.

Selection of works: Domna Gounari, Areti Leopoulou, Thodoris Markoglou, Irene Papakonstantinou and Syrago Tsiara.
Exhibition curators: Domna Gounari & Areti Leopoulou