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Dates happen: 22/05/2007 ... 20/07/2007
1st Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art: “Heterotopias”
Parallel Program
International Workshop of Young Artists
May 7th-20th, Thermis
May 22th-July 20th, Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

In his text “Of Other Spaces - Heterotopias”, Michel Foucault is describing Heterotopias as non utopian and real spaces that are formed within every society, have a determined social function and they are influenced by a specific system of access. According to the writer, graveyards, gardens, colonies, brothels, prisons, libraries, clinics, archives and museums are some of the spaces that can be defined as heterotopias. Museums and libraries can be considered that they accumulate time, determine a specific archive of forms and aesthetic preferences and they finally compose a place which meanders beyond time.
The works of art that are going to be created in the workshop of the 1st Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, are going to be exhibited at Thessaloniki’s Archaeological Museum. The curator’s intention is for an idea/concept of Heterotopias to be used as a critical implement of dialogue among contemporary and ancient cultural models. In addition, the workshop aims to examine the relationships between production and presentation of the artistic work in certain museum spaces that establish their own system of access and interpretation of art. Moreover, advanced stances and perspectives guide the museum’s operation. Likewise significant establishments, such as Biennales are arranged on the basis of specific rules of access. Is it an accomplished and indisputable model or it can be abolished? What is the role of the new Biennales that take place everywhere in the world in relation to the production and the expansion of contemporary art or the trade of art?

Syrago Tsiara
Curator of the Workshop

Artists that are participating:
Mkrtich Tonoyan (Armenia), Lynda Rezaϊk (France), Assan Smati (France), Damien Deroubaix (France), Gaston Damag (France), Evangelia Basdekis (Greece), Ekaterini Gegisian (Greece), Grigoris Goudelias (Greece), Rania Emmanouilidou (Greece), Christos Kountouras (Greece), Theo Prodromidis (Greece), Chrissie Tsiota (Greece), Behrang Samadzadegan (Iran), Barbad Golshiri (Iran), Wafa Hourani (Palestine), Yevgeniy (Zhenya) Fiks (Russia), Ira Korina (Russia), Ulrika Ferm (Finland)

Curators: Areti Leopoulou & Syrago Tsiara

Media Sponsors: ERT / newspaper KATHIMERINI / magazine K / magazine FOTOGRAFOS / Republic Radio 100,3 / Euronews
Supporters: Municipality of Thermi / Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

1st THESSALONIKI BIENNALE OF CONTEMPORARY ART - www.thessalonikibiennale.gr

International Workshop of Young Artists
Production: Contemporary Art Centre of Thessaloniki
Τ:2310 546683, F:2310 593271, areti@cact.gr, www.myspace.com/biennale1

Venue: Municipality of Thermi
Workshop: May 7th-20th 2007

Venue: Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Exhibition Duration: May 22nd-July 20th 2007

Exhibition Opening: Tuesday May 22nd 2007
20:30, Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Exhibition Hours: Monday 13:00-19:30, Tuesday-Sunday 8:00-19:30