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REVOLUTION I LOVE YOU Dates happen: 05/05/2008 ... 31/08/2008
Thessaloniki Centre of Contemporary Art
Warehouse Β1, Port of Thessaloniki
May 5th - August 31st, 2008

«When parliament is transformed into bourgeois theatre, then bourgeois theatre becomes parliament» - this was the slogan on a banner hung outside the National Theatre of France, the Odeon. It was May 1968… The whole heart of France was beating to the pulse of revolution. The streets were festooned with posters and banners with slogans like «Power to the imagination», «Make your dreams reality, make reality a dream».

The arts played a leading role in the events of that time, and in subsequent interpretations of those events; now, forty years on, the time has come for the arts to explore the traces left in the present day by the movement of May 1968. The Thessaloniki Centre of Contemporary Art has borrowed one of the slogans of the time and used it for the title of its exhibition, «Revolution I love you», to run from 5 May to 31 August 2008, at Warehouse Β1 in the Port of Thessaloniki. The exhibition is one of a number of events being organized under the title «Days of ‘68», in association with the Thessaloniki Film Festival and the magazine Istorein, and will feature a special film season (5-15 May, at the Olympion), and two conferences (4 May in Thessaloniki and 5-6-7 May in Athens).

Visitors to the exhibition – curators: Maja and Reuben Fowkes - will have the opportunity to see works by 12 contemporary artists from various countries, either created in the revolutionary atmosphere of May ΄68 or offering current approaches to aspects of the political and social struggle. The exhibition «Revolution I love you» will offer examples of the ways in which the desire for social change, as a practical realization of the dream of liberation on the individual and collective level, is given visual form in the works of artists from different geographical and cultural environments.

Participants include Mladen Stilinović from Croatia, Tamás St.Auby from Hungary, Zofia Kulik from Poland, Stefanos Tsivopoulos from Greece, Oliver Ressler from Austria, Fia-Stina Sandlund from Sweden, Miklós Erhardt from Hungary, Heath Bunting from the UK, Marko Lulić from Austria, Tamás Kaszás from Hungary, Jean-Baptiste Ganne from France and Nancy Davenport from the USA.

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Nancy Davenport, What We Want, 2001