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Konstantinos Bhta

No need to wonder who KBhta is; you probably know him already. Apart from his musical career, he follows another parallel creative path, perhaps not so well known or necessarily recognized, but real and consistent: that of the visual artist. He follows that choice with the sincerity of the man that has nothing to prove but his need to communicate in one more way.

For his presentation at the cact-e-studio Kbhta chose to show a series of paintings that he edited on a computer.

Judging from his overall oeuvre, he could not but have this creative approach exactly: forms and colors processed through the possibilities of the digital world. The colors in Kbhta’s works deliberately refer to the older computer pixels and to their limited color capabilities, the limited variety of video-games colors and the vintage aesthetics that defined a whole generation. These abstract –or not so much– works are definitely a personal interpretation of reality, using simple technological media. Every time you look at these works, you realize that the picture is so fluid that it is never the same as the last time you glanced at it, every time is a different experience through fluid forms.

It is the peculiar techno romanticism that characterizes Kbhta’s oeuvre in every field. It is a consistent emotional deposit to the bank of digital experience, a necessity of his (as well as ours) to accept his place in the world – somewhere between the earth, the sea, the sky and the galaxies.