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Ανακοίνωση B∃SETZT – Discourse on Art, Politics and Aesthetics International Video Call

Ημερομηνίες διεξαγωγής: 08/05/2012 ... 11/07/2012

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B∃SETZT – Discourse on Art, Politics and Aesthetics
International Video Call

PLATFORM3 – Spaces for Contemporary Art is a unique, progressive art location in Munich. Since March 2009 it has been offering space for local as well as international exhibitions and discourse projects. It is a production location as well as experimental field for artists, young curators and culture managers. In the summer of 2012 PLATFORM3 is organizing a series of events on the topic of occupying strategies in art. Besides lectures by experts and panel discussions, there will also be a screening on the topic of art in urban space.
Occupying is no longer exclusive to Wall Street, but has spread across the entire globe as a “silent” expression of protest. Between the cornerstones of politics, society and business, the Occupy movements mark a new way of practicing democracy in the public arena. These have now made their way into the sphere of art, as can be witnessed most recently by the Occupy protests at MoMa New York, the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi or the Pirate Camp Venice.
Yet what effects does this occupying have on artistic forms of expression? Is this establishing a new, artistic aesthetic of criticism? How is art taking up public space? How is it influencing urban or social infrastructures by doing this? With “B∃SETZT” PLATFORM3 would like to get to the bottom of all these questions. Therefore the Call for Videos is being issued to ALL city strollers who have discovered something special on this topic in their city. The submissions should focus on the urban, public surroundings, in the sense that artistic occupying strategies create interfaces with the everyday, thereby yielding new perspectives. These insights into various cities and countries illustrate the most diverse strategies with which art and creativity occupy their space.

What: Short film, filmed with a cellphone camera (max. 3 minutes / 5 MB)
How: The submitted videos will be compiled into a ca. 60-minute projection, which will be premiered in the main exhibition space at PLATFORM3 on July 11, 2012.

All submissions selected for the film will be mentioned by name in an accompanying publication. One chosen author will receive €150 as well as space for a text contribution in the publication.

Those interested should send the original video with a film trailer (author, title, city) by June 01, 2012 to contact@platform3.de. Please include a short description (max. 300 words) of the city and the type of artist occupation being filmed. For more details: www.platform3.de