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Visual Symphonies-Labor Beethoven 2020

Dates happen: 15/05/2019 ... 26/05/2019


15-16 May 2019

How can a bathtub filled with water be used as a sound transmission medium? How can movement activate the deconstructed sound of a familiar piece of music, and how can human experience and behavior affect a musical outcome? A series of inventive and innovative works and concerts are presented in the frame of the exhibition Visual Symphonies-Labor Beethoven 2020. 

Since 2017, Labor Beethoven 2020, a project supported by Berlin’s Academy of Arts, has been offering to a team of young composers and artists from Tel Aviv, Basel and Thessaloniki, an open forum for artistic exchange and experimentation, allowing them to develop their own extraordinary visions. For a period of three years, participants meet with the lab’s mentors, Caspar Johannes Walter (Basel Academy of Music), 

Ruben Seroussi (Buchmann-Mehta School of Music, Tel Aviv University) and Dimitri Papageorgiou (Department of Music Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), exploring new perspectives in music and art. Lab Beethoven 2020 is part of the celebrations for the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. The works produced, are mostly musical compositions, but also sound installations. 

In addition to the nine young composers with their visual artists collaborators and their three mentors, the project engages Thessaloniki-based guest artists, who also created works inspired by the ingenuity of this brilliant and emblematic composer. It is well known that Beethoven successfully secured his independence from the court and employers who, in the classical period, typically intervened, both financially and creatively, in the work of musicians. Beethoven managed to upend the establishment, taking control of his finances and music, which is why he is considered as the first successful freelance musician. 

The works presented in the exhibition mostly consist of original sound installations and sculptures. In these interactive environments,

human action and interaction play an important role in the audiovisual outcome. They also explore an alternative approach to the coupling of image and sound and the relationship between artist and viewer, with the latter also assuming the role of performer, exploring the limits and experimentations of audiovisual perception. Moreover, the works raise issues concerning the conditions of art production, the opening up of art creation to experimentation, the miscegenation of artforms, and the indiscernible limits and institutional framework in which they are presented. 

Artists: Vasilis Alexandrou, Giorgos Gerontides, Nikos Varytimiadis,  Katerina Velliou, Dimitris Maronidis (musician), Fani Bountouroglou, Thanasis Sabaziotis

Composers: Batya Frenklakh, Manolis Ekmetsoglou, Anda Kryeziu, Adrian Nagel, Eleni Ralli, Guy Rauscher, Thanos Sakellaridis

Collaborators: Eva Gentner, Andrea Heilrath, Justin Robinson   

MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts (Warehouse B1, Thessaloniki Port)

Opening days & hours: Tue-Wed-Fri-Sat-Sun 10:00-18:00, Thu 10:00-22:00, Mon closed


Even the choice of instrumentation for the compositions reveals the experimentalism of composers: three Paetzold recorders, two accordions, a harp, an electric guitar, a saxophone, a trombone and a violin, featured in original instrumental formations as well as solo, combined occasionally with electronics, explore and highlight new timbre combinations often with virtuosic strokes. The compositions revisit issues of form and content, the signifier and the signified, music awareness and perception, employing a wide prism of contemporary aesthetic directions and explorations. 

16 May 2019, @ 20:00

Akkad Izre’el, Ted Gordon (2019)  electric guitar (5’)

Adrian Nagel, Staionen (2018-2019) accordion, Paetzold recorders and electonics (10’)

Dimitri Papageorgiou, Even the sky screams sometimes too II (2018), accordion (11’)

Manolis Ekmektsoglou, Like we've met before... (2019) accordion and Paetzold recorders (6’)

Faidra Chafta Douka, ΟΟ (2019), Paetzold recorders (15’)

Eleni Ralli, Would you like to talk with me? (2019), accordion and Paetzold recorders (8’)

MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts (Warehouse B1, Thessaloniki Port)

Entrance: 4euro-free for AUTh student

17 May 2019, @ 20:00

Caspar Johannes Walter, Flatterecho I (2019), harp and 2 sound cubes (7’-8’)

Thanos Sakellaridis, Under the City (2018-2019),  two Paetzold recorders (12’)

Ruben Seroussi, Capriccio canonico sopra DAHAS (2017),  solo violin (4’30”)

Guy Rauscher & Batya Frenklakh, Whisper song (2019),  baritone saxophone (8’)

Ari Rabenu, Trio (2018-2019), violin, harp and trombone (15’) 

Anda Kryeziu, Cover (2018-2019), e-guitar, saxophone (sopran + prepared Baritone), tape, video (10’)

Thanos Sakellaridis, Ι have never (2019), harp, violin, trompone (3’)

MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts (Warehouse B1, Thessaloniki Port)

Entrance: 4euro-free for AUTh student

International Conference

Towards the third decade of the 21st century: composers’ approaches to newmusic writing’

16 May 2019, @ 11:00-14:30 

11:00 Ari Rabenu: Clear expression through sound 

11:30 Caspar Johannes Walter: Microtonal harmonic rhythms

12:30  Manolis Ekmektsoglou: Creating the fixed media for Deactivated Soul, for accordion and trombone (2018/19) 

13:00 Eva Gentner & Adrian Nagel: IV (smartphones)

13:30 Akkad Izre’el: Disgust and the Ugly 

14:00 Daphne Kotsiani: Master class in contemporary piano performance 

17 May 2019, @ 11:00-14:30 

11:00 Eleni Ralli: Vertical Mirrors (2018/2019) one piece in two reworkings. Changes in instrumentation and room 

11:30 Faidra Hafta-Douka: Points on lines, dots and circles

12:00 Anda Kryeziu/Andrea Heilrath/Justin Robinson: Between Performance and Installation

12:30 Guy Rauscher & Batya Frenklakh: On co-composition

13:00 Ruben Serussi: Image- Sound- Idea- Expression: on ES for flute & clarinet (2018)

14:00 Panagiotis Andreoglou: Master class in contemporary accordion performance 

Villa Petridi (10 Anageniseos str., Thessaloniki) 

Free entrance 

Artistic Director of Beethoven 2020 (Labor Beethoven 2020)

Caspar Johannes Walter


Akademie der Künste Berlin


MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts 

With the collaboration of the d of Music Studies, AUTh  

Organization & Coordination  

Sonia Lescene

Dimitri Papageorgiou 

Eirini Papakonstantinou

Eleni Ralli 

Exhibition Curator 

Eirini Papakonstantinou

Laboratory Mentors & Conference Organization Committee 

Caspar Johannes Walter (Academy of Music, Basel), Ruben Seroussi (University of Music, Tel Aviv), Dimitri Papageorgiou (Department of Music Studies, AUTh)