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15th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival "Thessaloniki 101"

Thessaloniki 101 Dates happen: 16/03/2013 ... 24/03/2013

Photography Exhibition “Thessaloniki 101”


Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki (Warehouse B1, port area)

March 16-24, 2013

Opening Saturday16/03 at 12.00

 Exhibition opening hours: daily 11:00:-19:00

The Thessaloniki Documentary Festival presents the photography exhibition “Thessaloniki

101”, as a sidebar event of its 15th edition. The works presented were developed

in the context of the photography workshop of the same name, which was

organized by the Festival and addressed to young people to the age of 25. The online

workshop was taught by Iranian-Canadian photographer Babak Salari.


The 15 participants, mostly amateur photographers and local inhabitants, delivered a series

of images in regard to the evolution of the city where they live. Monuments,

urban landscapes, elements of Jewish culture and its significance to the commercial

growth of the city, the Ottoman and Byzantine heritage, as well as major social issues,

such as the current economic crisis and its aftermath, the coexistence of different

ethnic groups and their social integration or exclusion in Thessaloniki’s

multicultural environment are just a few of their subjects of interest.


Organised by the

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

Exhibition Curation: Babak Salari

Exhibition Production: Thanos Stavropoulos

With the kind support of:

State Museum of Contemporary Art/Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki

Embassy of Canada to Greece